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The Wizard of Oz
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Production Concept Statement

"In its original context, the World of Oz and Emerald City has been an idea framed around the technicolor revolution. This duality of a black and white Kansas vs. a colorful fantasy dream was a sufficiently stark contrast. My vision of Oz ties in a much darker theme and juxtaposition. Contrasting a clean victorian countryside alive with natural air, with the smog and dense metal feeling of Oz, writes the story of the Wizard of Oz is more of a nightmare than a dream. Central to this distinction are atmospherics, verticality within the scenic design, and the mixing of point source and broad sweeping light."

"... Oz will be a world post-industrial revolution that has taken the use of cogs and mechanicals to a devastating extreme. Devoid of nature, even the classical flying monkeys would become mechanical owls or flock of crows."

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Final Renderings

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