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Immersive Theatre Senior Thesis Project

Founding Artist | Production Management | Lighting Designer

The Mystery Forest Project

“We have been trapped inside for over a year now, it is time for us to re-emerge and connect with nature, art, and community once again. Through this project, we will focus on these three elements to create an interactive art exhibit that transcends the physical space it is in creating a magical walkthrough space for students, staff, and the community at large to enjoy. 

Through a blend of artistic and technical environments, we will unleash the spirit world that has uncovered itself after so long. The forgotten and lost world that has come back out to play. The creatures that have been perfecting their crafts while we’ve been away. The artistic explosions that have been pent up during our isolation will finally have their moment in time. Through an ephemeral night market, this project will demonstrate a community of artists coming together to transport a small slice of the Chapman campus to its spirited counterpart, often overlooked or forgotten within the ‘real world.’

The new age of arts on the Chapman campus must include creating art ‘outside of the box.’ We take this to mean opening up the realm of artistic expression beyond the defined theatre space. Experimenting with the undefined world and one without a definite border, we hope to utilize this project to exemplify what an artistic piece with few bounds of locale on the Chapman campus can be. We hope to eventually usher in a new understanding of capabilities within the universities’ utilization of theatrical spaces in- and outdoors.”

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